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Zirkova One is masterfully blended to be enjoyed neat, on the rocks or in a classic vodka martini. Unlike highly acidic standard vodkas, Zirkova One's unique recipe and proprietary treatment impart delicate, yet distinct and complex flavors, with a smooth, velvety mouthfeel and a tantalizing, long finish. Zirkova One is the ultimate sipping vodka. It is perfect for savoring.


One White 

TYPE: Vodka
COUNTRY: Ukraine

ALC./VOL.: 40%
SIZE: 750 ml
LCBO #: 532374


Body: Crystal clear, extremely refined, satiny mouth texture that lingers.

Aroma: Enticing notes of loamy raw almond, vanilla twig, chopped straw with hints of grain.

Taste: Hits a clean, sweet spot on the palate with a highlight of delicate, freshly mown hay and earth after rain.

Finish: Desirable, lingering icy clarity with a lacy element of delicacy.